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Interview with E. K. Nayanar

June 4, 2003; AKG Centre, Thiruvananthapuram

Comrade E. K. Nayanar gave me this interview at his office in the AKG Centre in Thiruvananthapuram on June 4, 2003. The questions were mostly related to the activities of the peasant movement in the villages of Morazha and Kalliasseri (Nayanar’s native village) in Kannur district, where I was conducting a field study as part of my Ph.D. thesis. We could not complete the interview that day. I met him again in Kolkata in October 2003, but Nayanar was too tired for an interview after daylong meetings of the Polit Bureau of the CPI (M). He promised that we would meet again soon and complete the interview. But that was not to be. Nayanar was taken ill soon after he reached Thiruvananthapuram after this meeting. His travels were severely restricted after that. He passed away on 19 May 2004, without fulfilling his promise to complete this interview.

E. K. Nayanar

For the full text of the interview, please see:

A common man's obituary (click to enlarge)

The tomb at Payyambalam, where Nayanar's body was cremated

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