Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The anti-politics machine

Relaxing, post-elections...

Thus, in the midst of all the politician-bashing a la Anna Hazare, I went and re-read this lovely essay, by A. G. Noorani. He wrote this in the wake of a similar anti-politician wave after 26/11. He says: 

"Neither politics nor the politician deserves sweeping censure. That is an abdication of public duty. That duty requires of all of us an unremitting, earnest, and serious interest in the affairs of the nation – whether by participating in the political process or by informed interest and if possible public comment. Delivering sound bites to ignorant anchors is sheer self-indulgence and a debasement of public discourse. That, alas, is very much part of the widespread phenomenon of dumbing down – itself a reflection of the decline of the public realm."

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